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Do You Have a Professional Code of Conduct For Your Teachers?

Just because they were a great student or they have a college degree or have passed a series of exams, doesn't mean they will be a great teacher or know how to best interact with the students and parents.

Teachers who can control their own emotions and feelings for the betterment of the student is a true professional and the kind you want teaching in your studio. These types of teachers are a role model to all students and live up to even higher ideals and standards than they expect from their students.  You want the teachers in your school to follow a code of conduct both in their professional and personal lives.

If you do not already have a code of conduct set in place, here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Always speak positively about students
  • Always handle conversations with parents in a positive manner
  • Use positive reinforcement as the major teaching and training tool
  • Always speak positively about the studio
  • Concentrate on improving the studio, the programs, the students and the art
  • Always speak and dress professionally

Click here to download my faculty code of conduct.

If you have ideas you would like to add that you use in your studio, especially around the use of technology and social media, please share below.