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My Core Values

Live a Life of Purpose

Understand, connect with, balance, and share the motivations that drive and guide me as a person.  Combine my passions and strengths to fully give my time, energy, and resources to bring excellence to others and find excellence in myself in return.  Be authentic and true to who I am ad that I am meant to do.  Focus on learning, humility, graciousness, and enjoying the present, whether it be work or personal time.

Give Generously

Share myself, my talents, and my prosperity with others in the world, my community, my clients and my family.  Help others reach their full potential by being generous with my time, energy, expertise, and charity.  Go above and beyond to help others both in heart and mind.

Embrace Family

Make myself present and emotionally available for my family members, both given and chosen.  Welcome my family with open arms, creating a space of acceptance, support, and encouragement.  Prioritize quality time by embracing others with love and communicating openly.


Be transparent in all words, intentions, and actions.  Strive to be open to trusting others and allowing others to trust in me.  Become known as a person of integrity; make better choices, develop positive habits, keep my agreements, and raise others up.

Enjoy the Journey

Be a vessel for happiness, embrace change, and always strive for better. Bring joy to the people I touch in life through my passions, abilities and character.  Approach each activity with a feeling of enthusiasm, spreading interest and eagerness as I venture on.

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