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Meet Studio Leadership Coach, Shannon Wilson

“My passion is dance and teaching children. My purpose is to light the fire inside each child I teach.”

Shannon’s dream of having her own dance studio began when she was just 6 years old. She used to sit behind the desk at her mom’s studio, pick up the phone and pretend to work.

In 1997, her dream came true.  She was a sophomore at the University of Colorado, studying Business Administration.  While enjoying college and all that came with it, the highlight of every week was when she taught dance at a local dance studio.  It was then she knew she would never be satisfied in Corporate America. She had a much deeper purpose for her life.

Shannon is the founder and former director of Westwoods Center of Performing Arts (a dance, gymnastics and music school). She grew her studio to over 600 students, and served more than 2000 children in her community during her 16 years as director. Her students have performed on Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines and at DisneyLand. And most importantly she has raised over $50,000 for charity through local performances and events with her students.

Shannon shared her passion for teaching with a staff of over 18 teachers and administrators, helping them grow as teachers and individuals, and preparing them to successfully work with students and their parents.

While Shannon’s passion was and will always be children, she found a great love for the “business” that surrounded her.  Without the business she couldn’t serve the families.  It was that energy that motivated her to become a master studio owner, and expert on the ins and outs of running a successful studio and gym.  From marketing to customer service, to effective training of staff and teachers, and most importantly to becoming a leader and driving force in her business.

There wasn’t a magic pill nor was it something that happened overnight.  It was a slow, developed process that led to success.  “It feels amazing.  The hard work, the tears, the sleepless nights, the frustration…it was all worth it, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.  I am so grateful to all those who stood by me, supported me, mentored me, and cheered me on along the way.  I learned so much about myself and this amazing business I am in.  Every day I get to fuel the flame inside a bright-eyed child – AND make a good living while doing it!”

The best part of Shannon’s day is spending time with her husband Jason and their 3 gorgeous boys, Brady, Riley and Cameron.

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“I want to be a support system for you in growing your business and share all I have learned along the way. It’s my goal to alleviate the stress, chaos and worry, and help you build a thriving business, so you can continue to do what you love each and every day… Fuel the flame in your students!”