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2018 – The Year of Happiness

2018 – The Year of Happiness

7 Daily Habits of Happy People

In an article by Tamara Lechner, with the Chopra Center, she discusses the daily habits of HAPPY people.  I think we are all looking for ways to create more happiness in our lives and to just be an all-around happier person.  What I have learned on my journey is that we are in control of our own happiness – it is created, it is our choice to be happy.  I have also learned that it is nearly impossible to be a happy person when you are not eating healthy, exercising and getting enough sleep.  First start with those 3 – once they have become a constant in your life, try adding these simple practices to your day:

1. Set aside 10-20 minutes for mindful or quiet time each day.

2. Engage and Connect by making the most out of all of your relationships.

3. Think positively – take the “glass half-full” approach throughout each day.

4. Be true to yourself – let go of the obligation and guilt and speak your true voice.

5. Schedule time for FUN in your day!  Just like kids, we adults need some play time too – 5-10 minutes will do, unless you want more!

6. Be Grateful – I love keeping a gratitude journal, but do whatever works for you as long as you are feeling gracious and acknowledging all the blessings in your life.

7. Take Risks – we all have challenging days, but the it’s the way you handle these challenges that creates a feeling of happiness or unhappiness. The more you push yourself out of your comfort zone, the happier you will feel.