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I help studio owners build a profitable business, create a legacy and make more money

After having my own dance studio for 16 years and successfully selling it, I’m here to crush the myth that dance studios can’t be profitable. Studio owners who work with me learn to leverage their time, implement systems that work and create extraordinry customer and staff loyalty - and it doesn’t have to be hard.

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Are you not making the income you deserve? Now you can do what you love AND be successful. With experience in leadership and business, I will help you develop a personalized success strategy.

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Are you feeling overwhelmed by the demands of your business and finding time for your family? Let's make your life the way you want it to be - where you can REALLY enjoy everything you have.

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It's time to start fueling growth within your studio. Through one-on-one workshops and coaching, you'll learn hands-on how to achieve the studio success you desire.


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I want to be a support system for you in growing your business and share all I learned along my own path to success. It’s my goal to alleviate the stress, chaos and worry, and help you build a thriving business, so you can continue to do what you love each and every day…Fuel the flame in your students!

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